Published by Éditions de l’EHESS, Condition humaine / Conditions politiques: International Journal of Political Anthropology develops and disseminates anthropological readings of politics in today’s world.

Major global transformations (ecological, social, digital, economic, etc.) are reconfiguring the human being and the idea of the human being as an individual and collective political subject. The emergence of new forms of politics goes hand in hand with these transformations and invites to rethink the “political” object beyond its conventional boundaries. New forms of protests, the reconfiguration of modes of government in the age of globalisation of norms and flows, turmoils, fractures, and new imaginaries will be analyzed by anthropology and its neighbouring disciplines.

3 | 2022 – Dossier : Paysages politiques de la disparition / à la Une

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Credits : Sabrina Melenotte, février 2020. Licence : CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

3 | 2022
Paysages politiques de la disparition


Edited by Sabrina Melenotte