Ethical guidelines

Traduzido de:
Règles éthiques
Outra tradução:
Código de conducta y buenas prácticas
Codice etico
Código de ética

Governance and constitution of boards

The editorial direction of Condition Humaine / Conditions Politiques is appointed for a three-year mandate. It may be renewed after a three-year interruption.

The boards of the journal are regularly renewed. Various institutions and currents of thought shall be represented. The principle of gender parity shall be respected as much as possible.

Evaluation of articles

The current composition of the journal’s boards, as well as the process and criteria for the selection of papers, are accessible on its website.

Condition humaine / Conditions politiques publishes articles by authors who mainly are not affiliated to EHESS.

A paper proposed by a member of the editorial board or by the coordinator of an issue shall undergo the same double-blind evaluation procedure as any article submitted to the journal.

The editorial board selects the reviewers for each paper submitted in order to ensure the evaluation’s scientific quality and objectivity.

At the end of the evaluation process, a statement of the editorial board including a summary of the experts’ reports is to be forwarded to the author.

Papers that violate copyright law will not be accepted. The journal does not endorse any form of defamation, slander or insult.

Respect for copyright

Any co-author must have obtained the agreement of his or her co-authors before submitting their article.

All authors must be credited and their affiliation specified.

It is recommended that, within reason, the authors mobilized are listed in a reference list, whether they are not explicitly cited or not.

The author must ensure that he/she has the right to publish images, maps, tables or graphs included in the article. The authors of such material are to be cited in the captions.